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Latest from the Blog

Dancing girls

Dancing at Horizon Lanka – Dancing in Our Way

Since the beginning of the Horizon Lanka Foundation, we have been doing sports, dancing and music as a part of ...
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Saliya Wijesinghe teaching the children

Saliya Wijesinghe Does Two ICT Workshops at Horizon Lanka

Mr. Saliya Wijesinghe, an experienced ICT teacher who teaches ICT as a hobby visited Horizon Lanka last Saturday (September 17, ...
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Tharani Madara bicycle

A New Bicycle from Himadri

My name is Tharani Madara. I am 13 years old and I study at Horizon Lanka Academy. This is my ...
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Nanda Wanninayaka

E-Mail aus dem Dschungel – Ubuntu, March, 2011

Read this story in Ubuntu magazine in German language by Michael Gleich. Please read the pages 37, 38, 39, ...
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Dian Gomes

Dian Gomes and Horizon Lanka

Mr. Dian Gomes was a former group director of MAS Holding, a reputed garment chain that produced world class garments ...
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Zachary Grenzowski

Introducing American Football to Mahawilachchiya

Mr. Zachary Grenzowski from Canada was the first foreign volunteer to come to Horizon Lanka in 2016. Before coming, he ...
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