Tourists Support a School in Sri Lanka

From a Belgian newspaper
From a Belgian newspaper

During the time from the 14th to the 25th of the August twenty four westerners and two companions went to the Far East. The most special thing in the two week tour was supporting a local project.” In every trip organized by us, we look for a special project that we can support during our tour in that land. So once we took some special equipment for a Sri Lankan hospital which were needed for blood analysis for the diabetics. Another time we distributed clothes for the children. Every time we tried to support poor countries where there are people who really need it.” says Albert.


But this year Albert and Greta came up with a praiseworthy project. “Accidentally I came across a Sri Lankan news page (LankaPage) with an article on the Horizon School which was situated in Mahawilachchiya, a village 240 kilo meters away from the Capital city Colombo. This village is surrounded by the jungle and adjoins a national park. The park is well known for the presence of wild elephants, bears, leopards etc. And there you will also see a lot of lovely tropical birds. Until the last year, the village had been continually under the threat of the attacks by the Tamil rebels. The local people are mainly farmers who cultivate rice” explained the tour leader “Thanks to the article on the LankaPage; we heard that the Horizon School was looking for school materials, especially some used computers. The teacher had already received a few computers, but he needed some more to give his students a chance to learn more effectively. So went into the subject. The search for used computers began, first by a radio call from our country. Quickly we found an answer from the school Ter Groene Poorte in Bergus. My son did the computer management in the school and there were ten computers to be replaced. The school director did show us the green light by agreeing to give us those machines.” says Albert. “The other main problem was transport. Taking ten computers to the other side of the world is not an easy thing. Instapak, a company does packing equipment came to our help and the Sri Lankan Airlines agreed to transport the extra luggage of 200 Kgs for free.

On the third day of our visit, we did the handing over. We were received in a festivity. The students had organized a small concert to welcome us. They respected us a lot and the village women had cooked a typical Sri Lankan meal. The local press too was really interested in the issue. By clicking the beautiful website of the Horizon School you will see a lot of pictures of the visit. As tourists we heard only the praising words. Especially the hospitality of the people attracted their attention. Everybody enjoyed it very much. In the future we will try to organize more trips Sri Lanka, hopefully with another visit to the Horizon school” says Albert in conclusion.