LankaCom’s Contribution To Horizon Lanka

Students using Internet at Horizon Lanka
Students using Internet at Horizon Lanka

Lanka Communication Services Pvt. Ltd. (LankaCom) has been helping Horizon Lanka since 2004 in various ways. When none of the other ISPs could provide internet to Mahawilachchiya with the then existing technology in 2004 – there was no telephone access to Mahawilachchiya till 2006 – LankaCom provided internet access to Horizon Lanka through Wireless Broadband (RLL) technology for a subsidized monthly fee.

LankaCom helped Horizon Lanka by sponsoring a hoarding for a year in 2007 too. The company also extended its help by providing a free internet connection to the Founder of Horizon Lanka, Mr Nanda Wanninayaka to continue his services in the same year.

When Horizon Lanka started its BPO, OnTime Technologies in 2007, LankaCom provided a secured free link to OnTime to continue activities.

Thus LankaCom has been contributing to Horizon Lanka to keep up its activities. We thank Mr. Rohith Udalagama. the CEO of LankaCom for its continuous support to Horizon Lanka.