A brand new laptop for Tharanga Sampath

Tharanga Sampath at Horizon Lanka
Tharanga Sampath at Horizon Lanka

Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold from Switzerland contacted Horizon Lanka Foundation through email last April and informed us that he is willing to provide a brand new laptop for one of our students. Horizon staff selected Tharanga Sampath, a brilliant student at Horizon Lanka Academy. Visit his blog http://tharangasampath.wordpress.com/ to know more about him. Now Tharanga proudly owns a Windows Vista installed brand new laptop. We thank Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold a lot for this generous donation. Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold has already promised to send two more laptops for the next two best students at Horizon Lanka Academy.

Lak Saviya Foundation was involved in coordinating with the donor in Switzerland – Dr. Ing. E. Leuthold – and Horizon Lanka for the purchase and delivery of the laptop computer. Lak Saviya managed to liaise with the donor and the recipient (through Horizon Lanka) for selecting an appropriate Acer laptop from Sydney, Australia that fits within the budget of the donor and suitable for the end user – a digital butterfly in Mahawilachchiya village. Lak Saviya purchased the computer in Sydney and hand delivered it to Horizon Lanka. We thank Lak Saviya for their generous assistance to us in this regard.

Following are the testimonials from two staff members about Tharanga.

“Tharanga has been showing a keen interest in Horizon affairs for the past few months since he rejoined the HLF after his three month English course at Kekirawa. He also scored good results from the GCE (0/L) 2006. He has not only successfully designed and maintained the fist ever student blog at Horizon Lanka but also has taught it to most of his friends and junior students of Horizon Lanka Academy. I recently gave him the responsibility of handling ICT lessons for juniors and he has so far been doing it to my fullest satisfaction. Further he has the good quality of fulfilling whatever duty is assigned to him, with a great deal of preparation and devotion. He is at the moment in charge of the computer lab and most of the authorities say that he is clever and duty-conscious.”

Ranjith Pushpakumara – Head Master – Horizon Lanka Academy

“In 2002, when I was visiting Horizon first time, several small children could keep my attention to them. Tharanga Sampath is one of them and who has been attending to Horizon Lanka Academy yet to absorb any thing to be a genius.
In fact, Tharanga improved his knowledge because of his dedication and enthusiasm rather than his skills. It is a challenging task and he could win that in many times. He was not skilful person in mathematics. But he could pass it because of his dedication. Many times he was the only person who did home work on time.

Tharanga could become familiar with blog designing easily and he designed his personal blog before any other student in Horizon Lanka Academy. As I think it is not the most important evidence to prove his good qualities. He got together with others and helped them to make their own blog. He sacrificed his sleeping times for his friends.

As I feel Tharanga takes the top in respecting teachers and loyalty to the Academy. He doesn’t refuse any assignments given by teachers and tries to do it on his maximum. Horizon Lanka Academy does not belong to one person. It is a property of several people. Most of the shares belong to students. It is their property. Senior students should use their experience to guide junior students. Tharanga has understood it.
Tharanga’s parents are loyal to the Academy as well. His father participated for many Sramadana campaigns and almost all the parents’ meeting.

Tharanga can contribute his knowledge to give some credits to the foundation in the future.”

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