Dr. Tissa Jinasena Assists Horizon Lanka


Dr. Tissa Jinasena with Nanda Wanninayaka and a villager at Horizon Lanka
Dr. Tissa Jinasena with Nanda Wanninayaka and a villager at Horizon Lanka

Dr. Tissa Jinasena, the owner of the Tissa Jinasena Group visited Horizon Lanka Foundation on November 14, 2014. He had read about Horizon Lanka and its founder Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka through the Internet. As he was impressed with Mr. Wanninayaka and his work, Dr. Jinasena decided to assist Horizon Lanka. Dr. Jinasena donated 1.5 million rupees (11459.12 USD) to Horizon Lanka on November 27, 2014. Horizon Lanka hopes that Dr. Jinasena will keep funding the institute in the long run as well to continue its activities effectively. Dr. Jinasena also funds the allowances of Horizon Lanka’s computer instructor and the administrator till the end of 2015.

Horizon Lanka Foundation was struggling with its finances as it did not have sufficient funding to run the institute. It resumed its activities without a single cent in the bank account after a lapse of more than three years . Now, thanks to Dr. Jinasena,  It can run without having to worry about funding for the initial 6 months of this year. The funds came through Dr. Jinasena’s Jinasena Training and Rehabilitation Trust (JTRT.)

Horizon Lanka will purchase the goods and services needed to its operations with the money donated. Two of the former Horizon Lanka students will be employed as the administrator and the computer instructor at Horizon Lanka. Horizon Lanka will spend the money prudently with transparency. Horizon Lanka and the villagers of Mahawilachchiya thank Dr. Jinasena for the extreme generosity displayed in helping the institute.

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