More Computers from Lankanatha Udaya Karunaratne, Washington DC, USA

ittikulama3 ittikulama2Mr. Lankanatha Udaya Karunaratne, who is an IT Specialist at United Nations Foundation, Washington DC, USA donated 4 good-quality used PCs and two LCD monitors to Horizon Lanka in January, 2015. Since Horizon Lanka already had 10 new PCs, with Mr. Karunaratne’s approval, we decided to donate one of the computers to Ittikulama Vidyalaya in Nochchiyagama. This school was closed for some time due to non-availability of teachers and other facilities and restarted recently. The principal and other teachers of the school had requested us to give them a computer. Now the students can learn computers happily. Mr. H. G. Gunapala and Mr. Kularathna Rajapaksha, two directors of Horizon Lanka coordinated the donation.

The rest of the computers were donated to nearby Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya. We will publish a post about that once we get the pictures.

Mr. Karunaratne had donated us computers in 2009 as well. Read the story here.

Mr. Lankanatha Udaya Karunaratne
Mr. Lankanatha Udaya Karunaratne

New PCs to Horizon Lanka

computer-kids2 computer-kids3 computer-kidsHorizon Lanka received 10 brand new PCs from Dr. Tissa Jinasena, the founder of Tissa Jinasena Group in January. Earlier the students used to practice with few old PCs that constantly gave problems. Now students are happy to use these brand new PCs. They practice computers with the instructor’s assistance every evening.

The used PCs we had earlier received from donors were donated to two nearby schools, Thakshila Maha Vidyalaya and Gamini Vidyalaya along with the furniture.