Please Help Us to Reconnect Dialog TV Satellite TV Connection at Horizon Lanka Foundation

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Horizon Lanka Foundation had purchased a Dialog TV satellite TV connection in 2005. But this had to be disconnected in November, 2010 due to financial constraints. We have an arrears of 4266.07 LKR and have to pay a re-connection fee of 1000 LKR for Dialog TV. The total amount to be paid is 5266.07 LKR (36.05 USD.) It would be great if you can donate this amount to Horizon Lanka Foundation.

The Satellite TV connection was productively used at Horizon Lanka in the past. The junior students could watch cartoons and other educational programs under the supervision of our staff who explained the content and assigned tasks for the children and monitored their responses to the assigned tasks. Middle school children could watch news, subtitled English movies, educational and edutainment programs, sports channels, etc. with the supervision of the staff. Youth and adults specially used the satellite TV for local TV channels, sports, entertainment and religious channels.

To see more details about the Dialog TV connection, visit You can see the number of channels we can and the names of the channels. This package “Pearl” offers 71 channels including news, sports, educational, edutainment, music, entertainment, kids and movies, etc. We can use these channels for educational purposes. This will also help our foreign volunteers who work hard for the success of Horizon Lanka Foundation to break their monotony as well.

We prefer to use a Dialog TV connection because they offer a good service with a cheaper price. Besides, Dialog Axiata have helped us several times by,

  1. Installing an antenna on the roof of Horizon Lanka to provide mobile access to 50-meter radius around Horizon Lanka computer lab in 2001 at a time even bigger towns had not got the Dialog mobile access.
  2. Providing 2G mobile access to Right Bank of Mahawilachchiya through LankaBell tower in Pemaduwa Mahawilachchiya on Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka’s (Founder of Horizon Lanka Foundation) request since the night of December 18, 2006.
  3. Expanding 2G coverage by installing equipment in the Dialog high-tension tower in Kiralpetiyawa, Mahawilachchiya enabling Left Bank of the village with 2G access for even in chena (slash and burn cultivation) farms in the jungles in 2008.
  4. Upgrading the coverage to 3G on Mr. Wanninayaka’s request from the LankaBell tower in Pemaduwa Mahawilachchiya.
  5. Expanding the coverage to 3G on Mr. Wanninayaka’s request from the Dialog high-tension tower in Kiralpetiyawa, Mahawilachchiya in 2009.
  6. Planning to provide 4G Home Broadband facility to Mahawilachchiya at a concessionary price.

So, we are comfortable with Dialog Axiata as our communication service provider. We have all our staff members mobile phone connections and our office fixed line CDMA phone from Dialog. Our relationships with Dialog is very strong and they have never disappointed us.

Monthly Rental for “Pearl Package” 699.00 LKR (4.78 USD.) and taxes. We will pay the monthly bill.