Eckova Productions’s Video on Horizon Lanka – ChildPlay International Event


In September, 2014 Rehan Allahwala introduced me Mr. Sarwar Mushtaq, a documentary filmmaker, the CEO of Eckova Productions, Pakistan in turn who introduced me Dr. Steven Watson, a revered author from the USA. Dr. Watson pools the income he gets from the sales of his books to a non-profit organization called ChildsPlay International, which promotes outdoor activities like folk games, folk songs, folk dances, storytelling, drawing and painting, mask making, etc. to get the children actively involved in education. This went in par with our vision, though we hardly used folk stuff for it as we wanted to use contemporary forms of arts, sports and new technology to get the students engaged in outdoor activities. But after the event we had together at Horizon Lanka in Mahawilachchiya, now we understand that preserving the folk forms of arts and sports also can be used in education. Both students and the parents love it.

Here you can see the final product as a beautiful video. This is the final product of the whole event.

You can also see some extended footage of the event below.