Donate a Fully Automatic Washing Machine for Horizon Lanka

Vietnamese volunteers

The Horizon Lanka Foundation is looking for donations to put toward a washing machine for our school. On June 10, 2016, we were fortunate to have four young volunteers from Vietnam – Tidus, Quan, Trang, Hue – to help us out at Horizon. They donated 25,000 LKR (171.75 USD / 154.68 EUR) – a half price of a fully automatic washing machine – as advanced money to order a new washing machine. A fully automatic washing machine costs around 50,000 LKR (343.50 USD / 309.37 EUR.) It would be great if you could donate the rest 25,000 LKR (171.75 USD / 154.68 EUR) for us to buy it.

In the near future, details are being currently being finalized; the Horizon Lanka students will be getting uniforms. We will wear these uniforms while playing sports, dancing, and engaging in other physical activities. That said, a washing machine will help tremendously in keeping these uniforms clean in an efficient manner. Otherwise, students will need to take their uniforms to the river and wash them by hand, taking up time that could be used for studying or completing household chores.

The Vietnamese volunteers want to see future volunteers and students also to use this. A washing machine will save them from the tedious task of washing their clothes by hand in the river. It will allow the volunteers to instead spend their time with the children and other members of the community. We greatly appreciate all the support from the local and international community and especially the former Horizon Lanka volunteers in this. Without your continued support we would not have achieved what we achieved by now with the Horizon Lanka Foundation. Please contribute to us either through our online crowdfunding page or using our bank account.

These are our bank account details.

Account Name: Horizon Lanka Foundation

Account Number: 76639179

Bank: Bank of Ceylon

Branch: Pemaduwa


If you need more information, please send an email to or call one of the two numbers below.

Dialog  Mobile Local: 077-7702678 / Dialog  Mobile IDD : 0094-77-7702678

Mobitel Mobile Local: 071-8508537 / Mobitel Mobile IDD: 0094-71-8508537

Prabodha Sandeepani Kalotuwawa Grade 8, Horizon Lanka Academy.

Dang Thanh Tam - Tidus Fair
Dang Thanh Tam – Tidus Fair with Horizon Lanka students
Vietnamese volunteers with Horizon Lanka students
Vietnamese volunteers with Horizon Lanka students
Vietnamese volunteers with Horizon Lanka students
Vietnamese volunteers with Horizon Lanka students