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Horizon Lanka StudentsMahawilachchiya is a rural village adjacent to Sri Lanka’s biggest wildlife park, Wilpattu. Most of the young villagers here are unemployed or underemployed. The avenues open to them are low productive agriculture and work in garment factories. Most options, especially agriculture, do not generate a living wage, forcing these people into a vicious circle without the ability to come out of poverty. Thus, for the rural students to be able to come out of poverty and to be competitive in obtaining jobs with living wages the education they receive and their English abilities and ICT proficiency need to improve.

Here at Horizon Lanka, our work is not only focused on providing these kids with better education but also to help them prepare for their future mentally and financially.

We started our MicroScholarships Project 15 years ago aiming to get the students funded for their future. Since last 15 years the Horizon Lanka Foundation has produced a large number of ICT professionals including computer engineers, engineers, doctors, accountants, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc. and now they are doing very well in their careers. We also invite them to sponsor a student at Horizon Lanka.

If you want to contribute to this project, please do so through https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/empowering-children-in-rural-sri-lanka or send an email to info@horizonlanka.org to get our bank details. The total amount for a full yer of sponsoring a child is 24000 LKR (147.96 EUR / 165 USD)

These are the students waiting in line to be sponsored.

  1. Nimanditha Thathsarani (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  2. Prabodha Sandeepani (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  3. Aruni Apsara (Grade 8) (Sponsored by Dinidu Samaranayake, Houston USA)
  4. Sachini Tharuka (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  5. Tharani  Madhara (Grade 8) (Sponsored by Himidri, Houston USA)
  6. Nimesh Chaminda (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  7. Surendra Heshan (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  8. Kavindu Madusanka (Grade 8) (To be sponsored)
  9. Ashen Chandoopa (Grade 7) (To be sponsored)
  10. Gihan Buddhika (Grade 7) (To be sponsored)

This is how the project works:

  1. We start a separate bank account to receive sponsorship money and transfer that money to students’ individual bank accounts in the village Rural Bank.
  2. Out of every donation of 2,000 LKR (13.70 USD / 12.33 EUR) per month, the students have to pay 500 LKR (3.42 USD / 3.08 EUR) for Horizon Lanka as class fees and Horizon Lanka retains another 500 LKR (3.42 USD / 3.08 EUR) for the admin cost of the Horizon Lanka. The students can retain 1,000 LKR in their personal bank accounts to save for future needs such as high school expenses, college expenses, university expenses, etc. In addition to this, Horizon Lanka also provides each student a regular bicycle, a laptop and course books and dictionaries free of charge. This justifies the 50% of their scholarship money going to Horizon Lanka as this helps the student and the sustainability of the Horizon Lanka Foundation. {The total amount for a full yer of sponsoring a child is 24000 LKR (147.96 EUR / 165 USD) }
  3. Everyone can donate through their credit cards in safety guaranteed site through https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/empowering-children-in-rural-sri-lanka or directly depositing money in our bank account. Write to info@horizonlanka.org to get our bank details.
  4. We will send each of the donors who donate money a scanned copy of fund transfers to students’ account and a scanned copy of Horizon Lanka bank statement every three months.
  5. We will also send a scanned copy of students’ progress reports after the end of every term tests.

To ensure your money be in good use:

  1. Each student is expected to write a minimum of 2 emails per month, one video on YouTube per month explaining their academic achievements to the sponsor with the supervision of the Manager of Horizon Lanka, Miss Anupama.
  2. Each student is expected to maintain a personal web page inside Horizon Lanka domain and update it minimum 2 updates per month. (Once there is reliable internet access the student is expected to have 4 updates a month.)
  3. Each student is expected to maintain a small home garden to provide organic fruits and vegetables for their home consumption.

We are doing our best to make sure that every penny you spend is in help of these children’s future. 15$ a month will let one kid secure their way to advance education, raise their chance to have a better life. We believe you know how much your help means to us and we are deeply thankful.

Horizon Lanka students
Some of the Horizon Lanka students
Horizon Lanka students
Some of the Horizon Lanka students

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