A Young Public Speaking Prodigy Graduates as a Lawyer

Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa

Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa was a cute little public speaker since she was a kid. The confidence, the style and the verbiage of the 10 year old Gayani used to make public speeches could not be expected even from a high school student. I didn’t know much about her till she did this speech at a morning meeting at Horizon Lanka on a routine Saturday morning meeting. I was mesmerized with the ease and the eloquence of this little girl’s speech.

I used to be absent or leave the school early pretending I was ill whenever I was forcibly included in the school literary association to make a speech. I was that scared and lacked confidence in doing a speech in front of a crowd at such events. I was extremely successful in this (avoiding such a disaster) till I ended up high school. I wish if I had the guts like the pintsized Gayani had.

Yesterday I saw in Facebook that Gayani was graduated as a lawyer and I am very happy for her. Her success was largely based on her own talents as Horizon Lanka could not do much for her betterment. She had to be just content with the average attention she got at Horizon Lanka as a result of me having to leave Horizon Lanka for 10 years just after I recognized her talents. If I stayed further with her, we should have given enormous opportunities for her just like we did with her seniors. But that was not to be for Gayani.

But I am very happy now that she speaks very good English (much better than I do) and now a qualified lawyer. I would have loved to take her to the Board of Horizon Lanka as a Director and a legal advisor for our affairs but her plans to stay in Colombo would not let us have such a privilege. I am not an enthusiast of going through our legal affairs as it is not my cup of tea. Let’s hope that Gayani will join us some day.

We at Horizon Lanka wish her success in all her future endeavors.

Nanda Wanninayaka, the Founder of Horizon Lanka

A young Gayani Sandamali Koswathth at Horizon Lanka
A young Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa at Horizon Lanka
Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa
Gayani Sandamali Koswaththa with her brother and a friend
Gayani Sandamali with her friends.
Gayani Sandamali with her friends.