Help Save These Twins Subhashani and Harshani from Thalassemia

Help Save These Twins Subhashani and Harshani from Thalassemia

subhashani-and-harshani0Subhashani and Harshani are 14 years old girls. They are twins living with their mother and father in their house in the small village of Mahawilachchiya. At the first sight you wouldn’t recognize that there is something wrong with them. They are so cute and cheerful! They like to play with their mom’s saris, they like to dance and listen to music and they would also like to do some sports, but they can’t. They get tired quickly and they can’t spend much time on the sun. Why not? Unfortunately they were born with a disease called thalassemia.

It is an autosomal recessive blood disorder characterized by abnormal formation of hemoglobin. It is a genetic disorder and the twins were diagnosed with it at the age of six months. The symptoms can be the high risk of infection, iron overload, bone deformities, slowed growth rates, heart problems and also an early death.

Subhashani and Harshani love to go to school every day. The mornings are not easy for them because they have to apply injection with one dose of Demoferidon to their stomach. Despite of their disease they are keen students. They could be much better but they are often tired, so it’s not easy for them to study. Nevertheless the twins and the parents hope for a better future and the twins have some big dreams and ambitions! Subhashani wants to be a teacher and Harshani wants to be a doctor. But will they have a chance to follow their dreams and to fulfill their ambitions? Yes, if we act fast!

Once a month they have to undertake a blood filtration. So at the end of every month the girls are lethargic and pale, so the family goes to the hospital. But if there is not the right type of blood for them, they have to wait. Sometimes one day, sometimes even two weeks. The medicine cost is covered by the government, but the other expenditures cost the family 10 000 LKR (68.5 USD) every month.

The problem is that nobody knows how long they can live. Maybe one year, maybe ten years… Fortunately, there is a solution! They need 4.2 million LKR (28 787 USD) for each girl, so that is 8.4 million LKR (54,832 USD) for both. They can get 400 000 LKR from the Sri Lankan president’s fund. But the rest they have to pay by themselves. The cost is so high that they cannot afford that. So that is why we need your help. Help us save lives of these two cute twins and help them to achieve their dreams and have a good life they deserve! The girls are 14 years old now and the doctors say that the operation has to be done under the age of 16, otherwise there is not a certainty that it will help.

Of course this kind of operation is quite risky but the doctors recommend it and there are so many cases in which the operation helped. So the parents and the twins are ready to fight this terrible disease. And so are we! Help us to raise money for that operation.

Please contact if you want their bank details.

Bara Molnarova, former volunteer at Horizon Lanka







50. Chandler Meek-Owens – The United States of America

Mr. Chandler Meek-Owens from the United States of America volunteered at Horizon Lanka Foundation in October and November in 2016. See his tour report below.

Never having left the U.S. one would think I would have a small culture shock, going to a third world  country, but it was just the opposite. I felt as if I had been there before, like returning to a place I hadn’t been in years. I don’t know if it was the unbelievably kind people who would give their shoes to a stranger, or the organic food that cured me of IBS, but I felt at home; like my mother was just around the corner. When going to Mahawilachchiya in Anuradhapura, where it was much more rural, it became clear as to why I was needed out there. Not just to teach English but to exchange culture and art.

No matter where humans dwell, curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge is a part of the human spirit. I realized I’ve been taking my life for granted, because the children that I met truly wanted for what I thought was my right to receive. English is the world’s trade language. I was born with privilege that I can take anywhere. I was not only able to teach, but I learned more about the infinite potential we westerners forgot. For example when it was time for a snack, one of the boys would just walk outside, climb a tree and pick a fruit. No money involved. And like the tree, speaking English is nothing to me, so to teach it, in exchange to experience an organic lifestyle, is a cycle that should be standard in the current human condition.

I believe that Horizon Lanka is the type of program that will lead the globalized world into a new era of education. Mainly because using creative arts, culture, sports (unique to the volunteer) to communicate that infinite potential sparks original ideas and interests that keeps our world engaged in each other. Yes, science and math are important but to independently think for oneself requires the creative mind. As they say, “give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.”

Chandler Meek-Owens – The United States of America

The dance items Chandler Meek-Owens choreographed and take part in at the Rainbow of Cultures” – Horizon Lanka Mega Concert – 2016.

Nuwan Samaranayake from the United States Sends Educational Equipment to Horizon Lanka

An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students

An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students

Mr. Nuwan Samaranayake is a Sri Lankan American living in Houston, Texas, the United States of America. He has been helping Horizon Lanka Foundation since 2002 after our website became famous in 2002 with a series of stories published about us in LankaPage, a Sri Lankan news website.

Mr. Samaranayake has helped financially, with scholarships to our students and with computer related equipment in the past. He visited us in June, 2016 with his family.

After his return to the USA, he sent a several boxes of equipment to us in October, 2016.  This is the list of items in the boxes shipped to Horizon Lanka.

  1. Box
    1. Four 500 GB hard drives
    2. Two DVD writers
    3. RAM (2x4GB and 2x1GB)
    4. Five Wi-Fi adapters and some Bluetooth adapters (all USB)
  2. Box
    1. Two DVD writers
    2. Asus Wi-Fi router, power supply and manual
    3. Network switch
    4. Microphone
    5. XLR microphone wire
  3. Box
    1. USB microphone adapter (Blue brand) for audio recording
    2. RAM
    3. Laptop hard drives
    4. Osmo playset for iPad
    5. Mobile solar power pack
    6. Headset for skype
  4. Box
    1. Robot (Dash) and manual
    2. A laptop power chord
    3. A USB Power pack
  5. One magnetic chessboard
  6. One electronic kit
  7. Black laptop bag
  8. Two backpacks
  9. Accessory pack for Robot (Dash)
  10. Benro brand tripod
  11. Laptop (HP) for winner of next evaluation at Horizon Academy.
  12. A used iPad
  13. AA batteries. 48 battery pack.
  14. AKG headphones for Horizon Academy audio work
  15. 2 used Dell laptops for Horizon Academy

We thank the Samaranayake family for this generous donation. The equipment will be used for the educational purposes of the children.

Children are excited to see the iPad
Children are excited to see the iPad
Equipment in the boxes
Equipment in the boxes
An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students
An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students
An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students
An American volunteer teaches chess to Horizon Academy students

Help Buying an HD TV for Horizon Lanka

Help Buying an HD TV for Horizon Lanka

Softlogic HD TVTechnology has revolutionized the way knowledge is accessed and shared in and outside of schools. Think of the last time you missed information to overcome a situation. Chances are you performed a quick search in your web browser and within a few minutes you were able to overcome your initial obstacle. An image is worth a thousand words and Horizon Lanka is constantly making an effort to engage students’ visualization abilities to deliver knowledge as clearly and quickly as possible.

But as you know, our resources are limited and technology is pricy. We have recently fixed some of our unusable computer equipment so children don’t have to cram around one or two computer screens during class.

There are countless digital supports online we can use to improve the efficiency of our classes, and to broadcast them to the kids, we need a screen we can install on the wall in our classroom. With your financial support for one single Softlogic HD TV, children will benefit from viewing content from around the world in complement of their English and ICT education here at Horizon Lanka. The screen will be used to:

  • Screen movies to improve students’ English listening comprehension
  • Let students access the many EFL resources hosted on the web to increase their level of engagement in each class
  • Project on-screen demonstrations of the IT skills taught
  • Display music videos for children to learn their favorite choreographies
  • Display lyrics of the Sinhala and English songs the children learn for their seasonal show
  • Broadcast news from around the world to open the students’ minds to foreign cultures and global issues

Please help us buying on of these models of television. They have a shop in the village and we can order it directly. You can donate through our safe payment gateway at our crowdfunding campaign at Those who want to help us with a bank transfer, please drop us an email to

Facebook Usage at Horizon Lanka

Nimanditha opening her Facebook account

Nimanditha opening her Facebook account

Horizon Lanka children learn English and IT using local and foreign teachers and e-mentors. We also learn dancing, music, sports, graphic designing, web designing and programming.

All students who are over 13 years old are permitted to create Facebook accounts. We are allowed by Horizon Lanka to connect with Horizon Lanka students, selected few friends, our siblings, donors and local and foreign volunteers. We all use Facebook under the strict supervision of our teachers. We upload our photos, videos and other posts to Facebook. This helps us to get connected with our friends here and aboard.  It helps us to learn English and improve our computer skills. Facebook effectively connects us to the world.

With Facebook, sometimes we do mistakes. I too erred. But with our teachers I corrected myself. Every new technology is used badly at first and if we are smart we can minimize mistakes.

Surendra Heshan Karunathilaka – Grade 08 – Horizon Lanka Academy

Nimanditha opening her Facebook account
Nimanditha opening her Facebook account
Nimanditha opening her Facebook account
Nimanditha opening her Facebook account