Ms. Greta Suffys from “Horizon Select,” Belgium Celebrates Her Birthday at Horizon Lanka, Mahawilachchiya

Ms. Greta Suffys

Students of Horizon Academy – Mahawilachchiya held its annual concert, “A Rainbow of Cultures” – Horizon Lanka Mega Concert – 2016 on November 4th last year to coincide it with Ms. Greta Suffys’ birthday. Ms. Greta Suffys is the CEO of Horizon Select travel company in belgium. She has been visiting Horizon Lanka Foundation since 2002, even during the height of the Civil War that did not spare our village, Mahawilachchiya from the Tamil Tigers terrorist attacks. Ms. Greta and the family has helped Horizon Lanka since 2002. The Belgian tourists who visited us with her also contributed to Horizon Lanka Foundation financially.

Ms. Greta’s birthday fell on November 3 and she visited Horizon Lanka with a group of tourists from Belgium on the 4th. We arranged 17 dance items to be entertain Ms. Greta, her husband Peter and the group of Belgium tourists.

We have received the images and the videos done by the team of photographers and the videographers lead by Mr. Ruwan Nandika.