Horizon Lanka Annual Prize Giving 2016

Horizon Lanka Foundation is going to reward the students who excelled in 2016 at Horizon Lanka Academy. We thought of rewarding the students with only books this time as part of our campaign to encourage the students to read more. We want you to help us by sponsoring the books. We can buy the books from www.books.lk and you can pay them with your credit card or by depositing money in their bank account.

Please use the following info when you order books. They will deliver the books to our doorstep. The list of books and their prices given below the telephone numbers.


Nanda Wanninayaka

Horizon Lanka Foundation

No 125, Left Bank



Sri Lanka



Mobile 01 Local: 077-7702678

Mobile 01 IDD : 0094-77-7702678


Mobile 02 Local: 071-8508537

Mobile 02 IDD: 0094-71-8508537

This is the list of books.

Horizon Lanka Annual Prize Giving 2016

  1. The Best Junior Student
  • Pinocchio http://books.lk/product.php?productid=45497&cat=256&page=2 900 LKR (6 USD)
  • My First 1000 Words http://books.lk/product.php?productid=54180&cat=334&page=1  1120 LKR (7.6 USD)
  • http://books.lk/product.php?productid=43415&cat=256&page=1 Lion King 1400 LKR (9.5 USD)
  1. Best post on Horizon Lanka website
  • HARRY POTTER & THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE (book 1) http://books.lk/product.php?productid=16532&page=1 1600 LKR (10.8 USD)
  • The Iliad for boys and girls by Alfred John Church https://www.amazon.ca/Iliad-Boys-Girls-Alfred-Church/dp/1617203998 13.99 USD Sponsored
  • Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank https://www.amazon.com/Anne-Frank-Diary-Young-Girl/dp/0553296981 5.00 USD – Sponsored
  1. The Best Presenter
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) http://books.lk/product.php?productid=2443&page=1 1900 LKR (12.8 USD)
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid 1 http://books.lk/product.php?productid=45129&cat=769&page=7 1300 LKR (8.8 USD)
  • Aesop’s Fables http://books.lk/product.php?productid=54241&cat=256&page=1 750 LKR (5 USD)
  1. The Best Singer
  1. The Best Dancer
  1. The Best Sportsperson
  1. The Best Graphic Designer
  1. The Best Video Editor
  1. The Best Video Editor
  1. The Best Environmental Concerned Student
  1. The Best Overall Performing Student of the Year

TOTAL = 252.5 USD