61. Costanza Parigi – Italy

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

We are staff, students and family of Horizon Lanka in Mahawilachhiya.  Costy from Italy stayed in our living and learning center for few weeks. She is the 61st volunteer in our horizon school, which dedicated her space, time and energy to improve ENGLISH and KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT (I.T.) in the community of Mahawilachchiya.

We found Costy through the work away website, which created for us by another volunteer Angi from ZIMBABWE. You can also come and experience and have a good time by volunteering in SriLanka.

Costy is the first Italian volunteer appeared in this remote village. We had very good time with her. She is easy going, fun loving and inspiring character. Our kids love to have many selfi with her in every where she goes.

Volunteering in Srilanka
Selfi with Costy in the break time.

Within very first moment she went to any family in this Sinhala Buddhist village, she became the center of the attraction. She became an adapted daughter of few families, including the family; just she stayed one night in her very first day in this community.

Being a talented scholar of the SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY she also explored unknown areas of this TRIBE. We together visited village shaman, funeral and post death rituals, Tree and Ancestral worship rituals and co-existancy of Buddhist, Hindu and Aboriginal vedha rituals   .It was a great learning experience for her as well as us, to reflect our understanding of the humanity as whole.

Different cultures but same goal

We create our tiny GLOBAL FAMILY in Nanda’s ancestral home, who is an ex- school master turned in to the DIGITAL AMBASSADOR OF SRILANKA.(a ashoka fellowship awarder).Nagy from Egypt a software engineer who is genius in Web Master for NEW HORIZON, Sisira a Mathematics teacher who edify us about freely grown cannabis sativa in the area. Prince Leonard from India, who is an Interpreter by his profession and a well versed ENGLISH TEACHER.

Volunteering in Srilanka
Nagy, Prince, Costy, Wassantha and Rani who always talk in Arabic with Nagy after the dinner

Nagy has unlimited supply of strong tobacco which locally sold as beedi. We had many social interaction near our fire place, which again a creation of Angi our Zambian volunteer in previous Christmas.

Very romantic IMAGE of the Costy is playing a guitar under the shady garden with moon light ,while drinking tea and smoking.

Italian Kitchen

Costi became the Good will ambassador to Radhika’ s family and saliyamala government school, where both Radhika and Costi  taught ENGLISH. Radhika was among the first five students when Nanda setup Horizon School 18 years back .She was one of the best students in Horizon Lanka ever had,. Now she is graduated and Government appointed ENGLISH TEACHER in this community. Costi learn how to wear a saree from her, women teachers official dress in Srilanka. Costi, Nagy and Prince had a great moment with Radhika’s family, while they were making Pizza.

Volunteering in srilanka
Pizza from Italian kitchen

Gunapala, village shaman narrated stories in poems about native wisdom of the COSMOLGY. he also happened to be the father of Sisira ,a government mathematics teacher. Costi used to visit the family and experience head massage with herbal oil to get away from headache. It was pretty cool to see that 84 years old village shaman is doing a healing to student of social anthropology from so-called developed world.

Tharaka Kahaduwa a srilankan boy who study in China was traveling with costy and me. We had hitch up journey to Thanthiimale rock temple, one of the coolest place in Tropical Srilanka. A great treasure for Tribal Arts, which as old as rocks and caves. We enjoyed tropical Srilankan food in lotus leaves, which is hot and spicy in GAMI GEDARA, a local restaurant in Oya-Maduwa town.

Volunteering in srilanka
a local restaurant in Oya-Maduwa town

The difference between hosting family and Mahawlichchiya’s family

Prabodha a student of HORIZON SCHOOL hosted Costy. Her family adopted Costy as their daughter. But costy is naughty, who always run away from her original home and spending much time in our global family guest house. Prabodha painted on 13th February, one day before Valentine’s day. Her mother try to consult black magician, other than taking her to the nearest hospital. Costy and Nagy with great efforts brought her to the Hospital.

Volunteering in Srilanka
With Prabodha ‘s family

COSTY is a part of our dancing girls. Pramodaya,Tharani were teaching her popular Hindi dance. Nimandhitha, Prabodha, Sandhuni and Dilushika end up being learning steps from Costi and they all together create a fusion and rytham.

Life in Horizon Lanka for volunteers

Our new student six years old girl want to make her playmate with Costy. She and her mother Ssandhya invited our global family to her home and fed several occasions with chicken and rotty (local bread). Sandhya’s parents who lived near to them always happy to see their white daughter.

Volunteering in srilanka
Costy and our new student six years old girl

We were enjoying many Ahhaaa  moments while Costy was telling us about trance dance in Italy, Magical mushrooms in Hills, Coffee making machines, white wine and dinning. Being a great lover of music and painting she expanded our Horizan in a great depth and length. Whenever she had presence there were many street dogs, puppies and cats were gathered in our place too.


If you would like to have this kind of experience and exploring SriLanka you may reach us at Horizon Lanka.