Help Organize Free English and ICT Courses for Gamini Public School Children in Mahawilachchiya

Summer Vacation

Horizon Academy, Mahawilachchiya partnered with Gamini Vidyalaya, a small pubic school in Mahawilachchiya to teach English and ICT subjects totally free of charge during their month-long August summer vacation. We expect to teach English and ICT to them using both local and foreign volunteers. So, if any local volunteers or groups are ready to volunteer at least during your weekends, please contact us. We have also planned to organize a prize giving ceremony at the start of September to encourage the students to learn these two very valuable subjects. So, you can help us by providing story books, stationery, school supplies, movie and educational DVDs, USB flash drives, used mobile phones, used tabs, used laptops and used desktops and other ICT related peripherals that will help their learning. (We need mobile phones to start an m-learning pilot programs.)

Please contact us through or Mobile 01 Local: 077-7702678 (Mobile 01 IDD : 0094-77-7702678)  Mobile 02 Local: 071-8508537 (Mobile 02 IDD: 0094-71-8508537)