A Bicycle for Little Himaya Anjali

Himaya Anjali

8-year-old Himaya Anjali is a student in Grade 3 at Horizon Academy, Mahawilachchiya. She is a keen student of English and computers. She lives around 3 km away from the Academy at the edge of the Mahawilachchiya village bordering the Wilpattu National Wildlife Park. Her house is situated at a dangerous place where wild elephants are rampant at night. They come to her garden. Still her mother is keen on sending her to Horizon Academy without fail. Himaya has to go back to her house before darkness falls to the village.

The reason for Himaya’s mother for encouraging her to study hard against all odds is that the mother herself could only study up to Grade 6 as she had to work at a village shop with her mother (Himaya’s grandmother) to earn money to make a living. So, the mother now understands the importance of education and is encouraging her two children to study to better themselves in future. Himaya’s father is a laborer who sustains the family by doing odd jobs if and when they are found.

At Horizon Academy, we have 5 bicycles which we bought to be used by our volunteers and we allow the other students to use them when there are less or no volunteers. One day, little Himaya came to me and asked if she too could get a bicycle to ride to Horizon Academy. I said okay but she had a big question mark in her face. She could muster some courage and asked if she could get a smaller bicycle as she cannot ride a standard bicycle made for adults. I had no option but to share her request in our Facebook feed which was spotted by Tharaka Kahaduwa from Bahrain who was a former volunteer at Horizon Lanka. He wrote to me and said he would send the money for a bicycle. As a result, now little Himaya is a proud owner of the new bicycle that is shown in this page. She thanks Tharaka immensely for donating 15,000 LKR (98 USD) for her to buy the bicycle. Now she asks me to create her an email account so that she could write a thank you letter to Tharaka. A smart girl! Now she will learn both English and computers faster to communicate. This is what we at Horizon Lanka need.

Nanda Wanninayaka nanda@horizonlanka.org

Himaya Anjali with her new bicycle
Himaya Anjali with her new bicycle