87. Sylva Tillova – The Czech Republic

Sylva Tillova

Sylva Tillova from the Czech Republic volunteered at Horizon Lanka Foundation in July and August, 2017.

In August 2017 my daughter Nikol and I went to Sri Lanka as volunteers to help the Horizon Lanka Foundation in Mahawilachchiya. Already on arrival, the head of the Foundation Nanda Wanninayaka welcomed us on the bus. We stayed with a family and met great people.

In the morning, we attended a public school, and we had fun with the younger pupils together with English. Through a variety of games, songs, movement activities and drawing pupils slowly learned and improved their English. They have improved in all aspects of the English language such as grammar, speaking, reading and writing. Pupils were very active and curious. These children are merry, modest, but also bold and brave. In return, we met the teachers and the director, who welcomed us very warmly at their school. Together with some pupils, teachers and parents, I went for a trip to the rain forest – Sinharaja Rain Forest, where, no wonder, it rained. We visited some wonderful places and temples, the ride was one great experience, I experienced the beautiful atmosphere of local songs and dances on the bus, I experienced how these people can have fun and enjoy themselves.

Horizon Academy work took place in the Horizon Lanka building in the afternoon, where we talked with older students not only about English, about our families and life, what they wanted to be, but we also danced, sang and painted. Students are very actionable, inquisitive and diligent, constantly learning something. The Foundation also organized a trip to the temple in Tantirimale and the Wilpattu National Park, where we and other volunteers enjoyed a beautiful day of bathing in the sea. We saw many interesting animals, such as eagles, crocodiles, turtles, deer, elephants and, of course, monkeys. Including a leopard posing in front of our cameras. The whole spectacular day ended with a dinner in nature and sleeping on a tree house or on a truck.

Hosting family was great. They immediately treated me as if I was a member of their family and provided me with all possible comfort. They showed me their life including the kitchen, they taught me how to cook some meals. They took me wherever they went or went by themselves.

Thank you for this experience and the wonderful experiences, Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka.

Thank you for all the care … to the family Yamuna and her sister and her child, Upul, Pramodhya, Kaushal, their grandmother Chandra and the people around them.

I thank you to the teachers, the director, and especially all the junior and senior children I met in the public school.

Thank you.

Sylva Tillová