Room to Read Donates English Supplementary Reading Books to Horizon Lanka Foundation

Kids reading books received from Room to Read, Sri Lanka.

Horizon Lanka Foundation received 261 English supplementary reading books from Room to Read, a non-profit organization for helping girls’ education and children’s literacy, on November 02, 2017.

The children read the books with great enthusiasm as the books are very attractive, colorful and easy to use. Obviously, the children are from rural areas and their English knowledge is not much advanced. So, they try to read and understand the books through beautiful pictures.

The Horizon Lanka Foundation has launched a project to measure and to upgrade children’s reading ability and to motivate their eagerness towards reading with understanding with the belief they would learn English faster and will be more open to the world. We are sure they are on the right path.

The books are in different levels; children can learn from lower levels to higher level of English. The books are designed in a very methodical way.

The books will b shared with Horizon Academies in Mahawilachchiya, Tantirimale and Anuradhapura City. We also need books for our new Horizon academy branches in Ranpathvila and Ralapanawa in Anuradhapura district.

Horizon Lanka thanks to Room to Read for this generous donation. Thanks also go to Ms. Umeshi Rajeendra for coordinating this donation.