“A Rainbow of Cultures” – Horizon Lanka Mega Concert – 2016 on DVD for the Donors

ThrillerHappy New Year to all friends and supporters of the Horizon Lanka Foundation! 2017 was a great year for us. We were able to open new schools (four branches of Horizon Academies in Anuradhapura district, Sri Lanka) and expand our reach to help even more kids improve their English and computer skills. Last year, we hosted more volunteers than any other year in Horizon Lanka’s nineteen-year history. Our success last year was due to the hard work of the various volunteers, both local and foreign, that gave their time and energy to helping the students. Of course, our success was also dependent on the generous donations of various supporters of Horizon Lanka.

Now that the New Year is upon us, we are looking to start things of right with a fund-raising campaign. We encourage anyone and everyone to please give what they can so we may continue to give rural kids equal educational opportunities. Until March, every donation of $50 or more will receive a copy of professionally edited annual concert of 2016 “A Rainbow of Cultures” – Horizon Lanka Mega Concert – 2016 on DVD and personal thank you letter from a student letting you know how your donation has made a difference in their lives. Of course, Horizon Lanka also welcomes all volunteers and visitors to their locations to teach, work or just have a friendly chat. You can donate us through our Crowdfunding Campaign at https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/empowering-children-in-rural-sri-lanka or donating us through our bank account. (Drop an email to info@horizonlankaorg to get our bank details.

You can see images and unedited raw footage of the dancing items of the “A Rainbow of Cultures” – Horizon Lanka Mega Concert – 2016 in this link. http://www.horizonlanka.org/en/blog/2017/12/22/rainbow-cultures-horizon-lanka-mega-concert-2016/