Pramodhya Gunarathna – Profile

Pramodhya is just 14 but has already traveled to India to take part in a karate competition two years ago. Being a genius in martial arts did not affect her artistic talents. She is a good singer, dancer and an electronic organ player. She did not have professional teachers for any of these disciplines but the young all-rounder doesn’t take “no” as an answer. Whatever she ventures into, she does it to perfection.

Prabodha, a proud winner of many a karate medal

Pramodhya hails from Mahawilachchiya, a rural village in Anuradhapura where academic opportunities are less even though there are a few public schools. This is why she joined Horizon Academy in Mahawilachchiya run by the Horizon Lanka Foundation as she knew well her aesthetic and sporting talents would be recognized there.

Pramodhya trying a selfie

Pramodhya is the second daughter of a family of three children and both her parents are farmers. Father took a gamble in going to work in Iraq for some time to ensure that his family has a better opportunity to survive but what he got in turn was not enough with what he sacrificed, being away from the family in an extremely dangerous environment. Once he returned to the family, he had already lost his job as a Civil Security Force member and toiling with hostile land was the only option he and his wife had.

A dancer-cum-super model to be

But Pramodhya thinks otherwise. She believes that she could become a professional sportswoman while keeping her aesthetic talents as a hobby to enjoy and entertain others. So, she thinks studying in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, (formerly known as Kalinga) – the Sports Capital of India – will change her fate and that of her family. With the invitation already extended to her from Odisha, India, she is very keen to go there after her high school finals and become a sport star. She wants to learn the discipline academically in a university in Odisha so that she could be a coach one day once she retires from competitive sports. She dreams to start a sports academy for the young children who do not get the opportunities she is to get and groom them as professional sportsmen and women.

Pramodhya in action

Pramodhya is of the view that a lasting link between Kalinga, her ancestral patriarchy and Sri Lanka would mutually benefit as cultural, touristic, aesthetic and sporting arenas of the two states could be taken to a new level of solidarity at a time the Indo-Lanka relationships were strained due to political reasons beyond her control. She believes sports can do wonders and make great friends.