Prabodha and Pramodhya’s Trip to Odisha (Kalinga,) India

Nanda Wanninayaka, the Chairman of Horizon Lanka Foundation

We regret to inform all of you who contributed to the cause of Prabodha Kalotuwawa and Pramodhya Gunarathna’s trip to Odisha (Kalinga,) India to sing and dance at the Mystic Kalinga Music Festival early this month, that the tour did not take place as planned. We received the full funding needed for the trip but, by the time we got the last donation, the ticket prices had almost doubled as it was the end of the year. So, we had to withdraw from the tour. But do not despair, we have saved all the money received and the two girls are invited to an even bigger event, Kalinga Literary Festival in mid-July this year. My friend Prakash Nayak from Kalinga has got this opportunity for our girls. He has done this several times in the past too. So, we will use the money you contributed for this new trip. This event covers a wider spectrum of talents.

Our girls will sing some Sri Lankan and Indian songs. They will also dance for some Sri Lankan and Indian dances as well. This tour is designed to initiate a long-term partnership with Kalinga (the present-day Odisha State) in India and Sri Lanka as there is a historical link between Kalinga and Sri Lanka.

We will buy the tickets early to avoid last minute increases and the girls will practice more. This extended period will allow us to raise funding for a female chaperon also to the event as the three girls are just teenagers yet. We thank all who contributed to this tour. I will send the breakdown of the donations to the generous people who contributed to this worthy cause.

Prabodha Kalotuwawa and Pramodhya Gunarathna