Prabodha Aspires to Become a Professional Performer

Prabodha Kalotuwawa

Sixteen-year-old Prabodha Kalotuwawa is one of the finest dancers Horizon Lanka Foundation ever produced. She is well on par with the likes of the former great dancing alumni of the Horizon Academy, Mahawilachchiya. Radhika Rajapaksha, Nadeeka Kumarasinha, Prabodha Maithripala, Noindra Piyadasa and Ruvini Senevirathna who are now professionals in other fields of work.

Prabodha dances the traditional welcome dance with her friends.

Prabodha is still a teenager getting ready for her Ordinary Level national level public school exam to be held this December. Yet she finds some spare time for her two hobbies, dancing and singing.

Prabodha and her friends dancing to a local song

Having seen her dancing prowess through YouTube, Mr. Prakash Nayak from Odisha (formerly known as Kalinga) in India, extended her an invitation to take part in Kalinga Literary Festival last June but Prabodha fell ill for a few months and had to give it a miss this year. But Mr. Nayak reiterated she can still perform at the same event next year. She will attend the event with Pramodhya Gunarathna, her friend who is another talented dancer.

Prabodha and her friends dancing for a popular Bollywood song

Mr. Nayak also hopes to introduce Prabodha to a female dancing guru in Kalainga so that Prabodha would be able to learn singing and dancing in an Indian dance academy or in a university there. For this task she has to improve her English faster. Having heard of Prabodha’s amazing talents, the Founder and owner of Sri Rahula College in Anuradhapura – an English medium private school – offered Prabodha a full scholarship for her to study there till she finishes high school totally free of charge. Yet, her illness came in the way and she could not join the school this year.

Prabodha and her friends dancing for a local song

Now she is fully recovered and has to catch up what she missed for the last 6 months to face the Ordinary Level exam, which is a national level exam. She will be able to attend high school (Advanced Level) only if she passes the Ordinary Level. But her challenge is that she needs to attend a few private tuition classes and she needs around 3,500 LKR (20 USD | 16 GBP | 18 EUR) per month for her tuition fees. The private school, the Rahula College says the offer for her still stands provided she passes her Ordinary Level this December. If she attends the Rahula College and passes the Advanced Level, she has a golden opportunity to enter an Indian university for aesthetic subjects like dancing, singing and music.

Prabodha and her friends dancing for a popular Bollywood song

So, our request to you is that extend your generosity and sponsor her class fees till December, 2019 from this month onward for the next 6 months and help her achieve her dreams to become  professional performer with an academic degree as well. You can directly deposit money in her bank account and we will ensure she attends the classes. Please contact us on if you want to support her or need more information about her.

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Prabodha dancing for a local song with her friends