A Brief Summary of Horizon Lanka for 2019 and the Future Plan for 2020

This is a brief summary of the Horizon Lanka Foundation for 2019 and the plan for 2020. Please read and share.

  • Multiple Horizon Academies

We have 7 Horizon Academies under Horizon Lanka Foundation in 5 districts now. The academies are in Tantirimale, Ralapanawa and Ukkulankulama (Anuradhapura,) Kirimetiya (Nuwara Eliya,) Werapitiya (Kandy,) Maniyanthoddam (Jaffna,) and Panama (Ampara.) We opened new Horizon Academies because of the large number of foreign volunteers we started getting since 2016. Opening academies in new villages did not cost us much money as the teaching was done by foreign volunteers free of charge.

  • Local, Foreign and Online Volunteers

This is our main positive point. More than 200 foreign Onsite Volunteers joined Horizon Lanka to teach since 2016 up to now. We have a few dozens foreign Online Volunteers too to help our students and the staff on specific subject areas. We can also reactivate the Local Volunteers program where the young men and women from universities, private sector companies, government institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc. come and teach the children free of charge during weekends.

  • Low-Cost Structure of Horizon Academies

With our experiences at Horizon Lanka for the last 21 years, we now adhere to a very low-cost model by collaborating with community centers, religious institutions, public schools, spacious houses, etc. in villages to operate the Horizon Academies rather than renting or building new building spaces structures. This way we have been able to run a Horizon Academy on a monthly budget of around 30 USD (5,000 LKR.)

  • Horizon Academy Plan for 2020

Our plan for Horizon Academies in 2020 is this. We will start 3 more Horizon Academies in Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi and Trincomalee districts to extend our services to more Tamil and Muslim children. The minimum cost to run a Horizon Academy is 85 USD (15,000 LKR) per month. This includes a 55 USD (10,000 LKR) salary for the English and IT teacher who also works as the Coordinator of the Academy, and utility bills such as water, electricity, telephone, transport, stationary and internet bills 30 USD (5000 LKR.)

We expect the following help from you, your families or friends, or your workplace or community associations. You can contribute to one or multiple expenses given below.

  • A 30 USD (5000 LKR) per month Utility Bill Cost for a month/ 3 months/6 months/9 months or a year to run a Horizon Academy.
  • A 55 USD (10,000 LKR) per month Salary for a month/ 3 months/6 months/9 months or a year to pay an English/IT Teacher of a Horizon Academy.
  • A 55 USD (10,000 LKR) per month Salary to hire a Secretary/Volunteer Coordinator for the Horizon Lanka Foundation for a month/ 3 months/6 months/9 months or a year to ensure the organization runs with ease.
  • A 85 USD (15,000 LKR) per month salary for a Bookkeeper / Accountant for a month/ 3 months/6 months/9 months or a year so that all financial reports and audits would be done on time.

We have already been able to get a sponsorship for the monthly salary of 10,000 LKR per month from Mr. Manahara Mohotti from the UAE to Ms. Nadeeka Sajeewani, a former student of Horizon Academy – Mahawilachchiya who now teaches English and IT at Horizon Academy – Ralapanawa. Ms. Vayomi Wijeratne from the USA has already donated the necessary funds for Nadeeka to follow an English or IT Certificate Course at Rajarata University, Anuradhapura.) Mr. Vidhura Ralapanawa has committed to sponsoring the monthly utility bills for the year 2020 (5000 LKRX12=60,000 LKR.) We hope you also would chip in to sustain the other 9 Horizon Academies.

If any of you want to contribute to any of the above-mentioned expenses, you can do so through our online payment gateway https://www.givingway.com/donate/horizon-lanka-foundation with a credit card or any other payment method.

We also have a Sri Lankan bank account with the Bank of Ceylon.

Bank Details of the Horizon Lanka Foundation

Account Name: Horizon Lanka Foundation

Account: 76639179


Branch Code: 152

Bank Code: 7010

Bank Address: Bank of Ceylon, Pemaduwa