Parami Subasingha – Profile

Fifteen-year-old Parami Subasingha is the second daughter in a family of two girls and a boy. She is an extremely talented girl, who gets high marks in the term tests in her school. Parami is one of the brightest students in the school. Her father is a mechanic with no steady income and her mother is a minor employee in a government office. This means Parami has some challenges in her day to day life in performing to her true potential, but she is determined to go the distance and do her best academically.

Parami is enrolled as a student at Horizon Academy – Ralapanawa, a supplementary education center since its inception in 2017. Here she studies the English language, from local and foreign volunteer teachers, which gives her an edge over the other students in the village.

Parami studies in the Ralapanawa Colony Public School which has around 500 students. Luckily, the school principal is a hard-working person and tries his best to educate the students with his team of dedicated teachers.

Parami will be in Grade 11 from January 2020 and will sit for the competitive national level exam GCE Ordinary Level at the end of the year. Since what is taught in the public school is insufficient to prepare for this examination, she has to get private tuition in English language, science, mathematics and IT. Being successful at the O/L examination is mandatory to advance to the next level which will be the GCE Advanced Level, which is also the qualification to enter the university. She hopes to graduate in Arts Stream in languages by taking English, Spanish and Japanese languages in arts stream for Advanced Level. She gets the chance of learning English, Spanish and Japanese at Horizon Academy from the foreign volunteers who come to teach there.

Parami with her friends at Horizon Academy – Ralapanawa

Parami with her dad and little brother