Sashini Premarathna – Profile

Fourteen-year-old Sashini Premarathna is a young girl who grew up in the rural village of Mahawilachchiya, Anuradhapura.  She is the eldest child of a family of two children, which means she has many responsibilities on her shoulders. Her mother works as a laborer in a nearby shop and is the only breadwinner of the family. Still, she is determined to educate her son and daughter.

Sashini is in Grade 9 at the Horizon Academy – Mahawilachchiya which is a supplementary educational institute.  Here she studies English, ICT, fine arts and sports. She attends Gamini Public School as her regular school. Sashini is the first at every term test in her class and keeps maintaining her standards however much the obstacles would try to pull her down.

Sashini is very good at singing and dancing. Her dancing team from her public school won first place in the Anuradhapura Zonal dancing completion and won second place from the district level. She hopes to become a dance teacher in the future.

Sashini in her garden