Help Little Mihili, a Sri Lankan Girl Stranded in Italy Continue Her Education

Sri Lanka born 10-year-old Mihili Perera migrated to Italy (May, 2019) with her parents as her dad was awarded a Fellowship (Policy leader from European University Institute, School of Transnational Governance, Florence) in Italy. Mihili was admitted to an Italian school called “L. Casini” in Pian di Mugnone, Fiasole in September 2019 and she continued her education extremely well even though she was educated in Sri Lankan local language, Sinhala while she was in Sri Lanka. She mastered English in no time with her graduate father’s support and also thanks to YouTube English video clips. Now she even teaches a group of Sri Lankan students of newly started Horizon Academy in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka via an online software called Zoom.

Most of Mihili’s “students” from Kurunegala are even older than her. But she is very creative and resourceful and manages the bunch of kids older by paying individual attention to every one of them. (Even this is hard for professional teachers as many tend to go ahead with smarter kids automatically.) Mihili does this almost every evening and the kids from here are improving English very fast as a result.

Now to the adventure side of the story. As Mihili’s dad lost the income with the fellowship period being expired and no way to either work or return to Sri Lanka due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Mihili is struggling to meet her academic expenses. A friend of her father has set up a crowdfunding campaign and we request you to chip in help achieving the fundraising goal. (Please visit the link Help Nirro’s family -Supporta la famiglia di Nirro to contribute to Mihili’s educational expenses.)

Mihili’s father, Nirosion S. Perera was also a staff member of the Horizon Lanka Foundation in Sri Lanka and he is still working for us as a volunteer from Italy. So, we hope you would help the family as it is also helping the kids of the Horizon Academy in Sri Lanka.