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Horizon Lanka Students

Horizon Lanka StudentsE-mentoring Project is designed with the hope of bettering Horizon Lanka students’ academic and extracurricular performance by communicating electronically through, emails, social networking, chatting with text, audio and video, etc. Here each student is introduced to a known e-mentor (both local and foreign people with good English commnicative skills) to communicate with a student electronically with the outright supervision of a staff member at Horizon Lanka. If you have free time and ready to help a student at Horizon Lanka please let us know through info@horizonlanka.org. With a brief communication, we will assign a student to you

Code of Ethics for the Students

  1. Write an email at least once a week to your assigned e-mentor. Copy all emails to Miss Anupama anupama@horizonlanka.org, who is a staff member of Horizon Lanka and the coordinator of e-Mentors project.
  2. Do not request any favors from the e-mentor assigned to you, unless the e-mentor is willing to help. E-mentoring program is designed to improve your academic skills. Not to help you financially. For that we have a separate project called MicroScholarships.
  3. You may request your e-mentor to add you in social media if they wish to do so. However, communication should take place only while a staff member of Horizon Lanka is present in the computer lab.
  4. Always be respectful towards the e-mentor. The approved salutations are Mr. Mrs. Miss & Ms. when addressing one’s e-mentor, unless they request not to do so and address them using their first name.
  5. You are free to communicate with your appointed e-mentor, about your academic goals, relating to education and scholarship, extracurricular activities, your aims and goals for your future. etc. If they request information about you family composition, your age and birthday, etc., it’s OK to accede to that request.
  6. All communications should be approved by Miss Anupama or any other staff member(s) present in the computer lab before being sent.

For the e-Mentors 

  1. All communication with the student must be cc’d to Miss Anupama anupama@horizonlanka.org so that she could moderate the communication as and when necessary.
  2. The students are not supposed to request anything of monetary value from the e-mentor. But, if you are satisfied with a student’s performance and wish to help the student further, you may provide them with any material help,  preferably with an educational value (such as DVDs, USB pens, computer related equipment, books, etc.) with the approval of Miss Anupama.
  3. You are most welcome to visit the students of Horizon Lanka at the premises or their homes with prior notice to Miss Anupama.
  4. You are free to discuss your cultural values with the student, with the hope that they get exposure to the wide world outside, thereby improving and enhancing their own outlook & values to suit to the present day world, considering these are children from rural Sri Lanka.
  5. You are free to help the students with academic and career guidance when they reach high school, college or university levels. Horizon Lanka encourages the students to go for higher studies in both local and foreign higher educational institutes and if possible, help the students secure scholarships, bursaries, grants, etc.
  6. Try your best to pay attention to use correct grammar, spelling, upper case and lower case, etc. when you communicate with the students as they are penalized in the school system in Sri Lanka for wrong English.
Horizon Lanka Students
Horizon Lanka Students
Horizon Lanka Students
Horizon Lanka Students