A Dedicated Internet Connection to Horizon Lanka Foundation from Dialog Axiata – Update 2

A Dedicated Internet Connection to Horizon Lanka Foundation from Dialog Axiata – Update 2

Dialog Axiata staff with the students of Horizon Academy, Mahawilachchiya

Since July, 2014, with the resumption of our academic activities after a lapse of 3 and half years, the Horizon Lanka Foundation is using Dialog 3G broadband internet facilities using an internet dongle to connect to the Internet. Only Dialog Axiata PLC provides decent 3G coverage to the whole Mahawilachchiya village while the other operators are covering only small pockets of the village with 3G access.

With the number of Dialog customers being increased for both voice and data, the connectivity became slow of late and it was difficult to enjoy an uninterrupted 3G coverage as the 3G facility started to switch between 3G (HSPA) and 2G (EDGE) coverage quite often and the communication was affected. It even deteriorated with the arrival of the monsoon rainy season.

So, Mr. Nuwan Samaranayake, a gentleman who works in Houston, Texas, USA was keen to have a stronger 3G coverage in Mahawilachchiya as he is using internet to teach a student called Aruni Apsara of Grade 9. He uses both Skype and Facebook facetime to teach her and the results are amazing. The lucky girl has bettered her marks at each term tests in English, science and mathematics due to untiring efforts of Mr. Samaranayake. He was worried when the communication started affecting due to low signals. He asked me how to solve this problem because he is planning to encourage Houston-based Sri Lankan American community to teach more students in the village using Internet. I told him the best thing would be to raise the issue with Dialog Axiata’s young CEO Mr. Supun Weerasinghe. The former did so and Mr. Weerasinghe immediately sent a technical team to see what technology can be used to provide an uninterrupted data line to Horizon Lanka and the rest of the village.

A team of technicians from Dialog Axiata visited Mahawilachchiya on October 13, 2017 and they decided to erect an additional tower at the Horizon Lanka Foundation premises as a solution. Since they did not have the equipment in their stores at that time, they left the village with the promise of returning with the equipment as soon as they were available.

The Dialog Axiata technical team returned to Horizon Lanka Foundation, Mahawilachchiya on October 18, 2017 with the necessary equipment and the technicians. They erected a tower at Horizon Lanka and tested the signal strength. We were lucky to hear from the team leader that the signal strength is very satisfying and they can connect Horizon Lanka to a very decent internet backbone with Dialog Axiata. The team told us that they would report the results to the company and the company would get back to us with the necessary paperwork and the agreements in two weeks. As soon as those formalities are done, the children at Horizon Academy, Mahawilachchiya will have unlimited faster access to the Internet like they used to have during the period April 2004 to February 2011. This would make a big difference in the academic achievements of the children in Mahawilachchiya in the coming months.

We at Horizon Lanka Foundation thank Mr. Nuwan Samaranayake for raising the issue with Dialog Axiata and Mr. Supun Weerasinghe for the prompt action. Let us hope that a dedicated and faster internet connection would be made available for both Horizon Lanka Foundation and the rest of the village soon.

Dialog Axiata PLC has assisted Horizon Lanka Foundation over the years whenever we requested their assistance. Read more at http://www.horizonlanka.org/en/?s=Dialog+telekom&submit=Search