Explorers Foundation Awards 2004-2006 – Explorers Foundation – 2007

Explorers Foundation awards are intended to recognize and advance the work of individuals who through their vision and action contribute to a world fit for explorers. These awards have ranged from $5,000 to $500 U.S. dollars. During 2007 we expect to make another twenty awards. Eventually, we expect the evolving pattern of awards to reveal the importance of this question: How can we build and sustain a world fit for explorers and fit ourselves to inhabit such a world? Through our investments we expect to learn to answer this question with ever better vision, logic, and wisdom. If you share our belief that the character of the curious adventurer whose quests are governed by strong integrity is the heart of all possible civilizations, then please contact us about becoming a fellow investor. —Leif Smith, President, Explorers Foundation

Nanda Wanninayaka “Wanni”, Sri Lanka, Horizon Lanka

Wanni decided that the children of his rural village needed good education. He began with a few students, using a single bench as a classroom. After a few years the school had come to the point where it could make good use of full-time high-speed connection to the internet. The village is far from such a connection. A radio tower needed to be built. We helped fund it. The tower has been providing good service for a few years now.

Horizon Lanka Foundation – website
Horizon Lanka Academy – website
The High-Speed Internet Connection Tower – photo

Henry Okiria, Soroti, Uganda, Learning Empowers Uganda

Henry Okiria and Steve Elliott (board member) developed a plan to offer twenty farmers near Soroti a class on how to become bee keepers and to help them get started. We funded the class, the construction of hives, and the purchase of some initial supplies. Steve designed, printed and shipped labels for the honey jars. The bees worked pro-bono, happy to have new hives.
Graduates of the Bee-Keeping Class – photo
Teso’s All Natural Honey – Jar Labels – illustration
James C. Bennett, The Anglosphere Institute, Lyons, Colorado

Jim wrote a book, The Anglosphere Challenge, 2004, about the evolution and maintenance of boundaries among individuals and groups. Shortly after the publication of the book, a weblog, “Albion’s Seedlings”, was begun by Jim’s Anglosphere Institute. Our award recognizes the quality of this weblog.
“An Anglosphere Primer – Explorers Foundation glyph
“An Anglosphere Primer” – pdf file
Albion’s Seedlings – weblog
Bibliography accompanying The Anglosphere Challenge – pdf file
Mark Frazier, Openworld, Inc., Washington, D.C.

For many years Mark Frazier has pioneered the concept of free zones and has been involved in their development all over the world. Inspired by the work of Hernando de Soto, author of The Mystery of Capital, Mark devised a GPS & video camera enabled land registration system that could develop from the grass roots upward until inert capital latent in untitled property in land and structures could be brought to life as working assets.
Openworld, Inc. – website
Suggested Reading – webpage
Jeff Rubin & Joni Sievert, Alliance for Holistic Aging, Denver, Colorado

We are interested in inter-generational exchange of ideas and visions of use to explorers in many fields. Jeff & Joni are building an organization that can make a contribution.
Alliance for Holistic Aging – website
Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, Vision in Action, San Pedro, California

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura presented a lecture in Denver, November 8, 2006, “Authenic Thinking: The Basis for a Life of Passion”. This theme, in many forms and ways of speaking, goes to the heart of the emergence of freeorder, and will be the reason for many of our future investments. Yasuhiko generously spent a few days with us, during which time his presence provoked fascinating discussions.

Description of the Lecture – webpage
Vision in Action – website
Articles by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura – webpage