A New Bicycle from Himadri

Tharani Madara bicycle

Tharani Madara bicycle

My name is Tharani Madara. I am 13 years old and I study at Horizon Lanka Academy. This is my new bicycle. It is a gift from Himadri Gunarathna, my friend from the Houston, Texas, United States, who is sponsoring me.

I go to Thakshila public school every day at 7.30 am and to Horizon Lanka at 3pm. I like going to school and to Horizon Lanka but I didn’t like the long distance I had to walk there. My bicycle was broken, so I had to walk every day because my family couldn’t afford a new bicycle for me. Walking everywhere was not easy in the hot weather we have here.

But now everything is better, because I have this beautiful new bicycle!It is silver and white color and so beautiful! Now I can ride fast everywhere I want to.

I would like to thank you, Miss Himadri, for helping me. It was a great day for me when I went to the Pemaduwa town for my bicycle. I was so excited and happy!

Now we can go to school by bicycle together with Aruni, I like that. Now all my four female classmates have bicycles. But the other boys – Gihan, Ashen, Kavindu, Nimesh and Surendra can’t. I hope that soon they can join us. Maybe they will, with your help.

Tharani Madara – Grade 8 – Horizon Lanka Academy tharani@horizonlanka.org

My bicycle and me