Horizon School – July 11, 2003

Horizon School –  July 11, 2003

daily-mirror-logoThe school has over 100 students at the moment according to its Founder Nandasiri Wanninayaka. It has already trained 3 students who are currently employed in IT centres in the area. School has also developed a web site with unique features such as separate pages for students. The site has got many visitors who have personally visited the school and met the students.

The school also carries out community services lending its computers to the village Police and the Dhamma schools where youth are given training on both software and hardware.

In spite of this success it faces difficulties such as lack of facilities and assistance, says Mr. Wanninayake. The area has no telephone facilities. It was further explained that if telephone facilities are available it could provide email facilities to the villagers at a reasonable price. He further explained that the school needs at least 10 more personal computers to meet the demand.

The other major constrain is the lack of funds. Horizon spends Rs. 30,000 per month on maintenance. In this context the need for constant financial support is stressed if the school is to continue and expand in the future.