Dian Gomes and Horizon Lanka

Dian Gomes

Dian GomesMr. Dian Gomes was a former group director of MAS Holding, a reputed garment chain that produced world class garments to big markets. He invited our founder Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka to work at Slimline, a subsidiary of MAS in 2000. Ever since Mr. Gomes has been helping Horizon Lanka a lot. This is how he has helped us in the past.

  1. He donated computers to Horizon Lanka.
  2. He donated clothes to Horizon Lanka children and parents.
  3. He sponsored one of our trip to Colombo to participate in e-Society Exhibition in Colombo by paying us all the expenses.
  4. He paid the salary of Mr. Ranjith Pushpakumara, the former Headmaster of Horizon Lanka Academy for few years.

In this program with Sirasa TV he mentions about us also. Please watch this. This is a program that covers his corporate and personal life. It is an honor he mentions us here.

Mr. Gomes has retired from MAS Holding last December and has now started his own garments chain called Hela Clothing. We wish him all the best with his new venture.

Sanduni Kaushika Jayathilaka sanduni@horizonlanka.org

Grade 09 – Horizon Lanka Academy

A Farmer’s Son Becomes a Qualified Accountant

Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna

Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna
My name is Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna. I am a graduate of commerce in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura – the best university in Sri Lanka for Management and Commerce studies. In 2010, I finished Advanced Level Examination with 3 A-passes. I also completed a couple of other professional qualifications to advance in my career path. Now I have been working as Junior Executive of Demand Planning in Sunshine Healthcare Lanka Ltd. This is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Sri Lanka.

I grew up in a rural village named Mahawilachchiya as a son of a farmer and a housewife. If not for the education I received from Horizon Lanka, maybe I would have ended up as yet another farmer by taking over my father’s field. My first encounter with a computer was at Horizon Lanka. No word could describe the magical feeling I got while I was drawing my first painting on MS Paint program that day. I then learnt about the Internet, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc. I could even be able to create web pages which were a huge deal at the time. 5 years spent at Horizon Lanka had changed my life and my attitudes towards life forever. Not only education, Horizon Lanka also gave me financial support, a used computer and then a brand new laptop to ease my education.

Thanks to Horizon Lanka, I started thinking big. Not only it opened our world to the modern world outside, it equipped us with the skills and the knowledge needed to join that world. And I am deeply grateful for that.

Now I am able to fulfill my parents’ dream. They always want us to have a better life than they had. They dream of us being successful in whatever profession we choose.

Now I am working in Supply Chain and moving to Finance. I have completed CAD II Level at the Institute of Chartered Accountants. With this degree, I hope to join MAS Holdings, Brandix or Unilever to get more experience in this field. My next dream is to finish an MBA and have my own business.

Life has changed so much since I was that little boy who saw the computer for the first time at Horizon Lanka. I will never forget that thanks to those early days, I am now able to see my dream more clearly and work my way to achieve it.

I am thankful for Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka, the Founder of Horizon Lanka.

Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna at the University of Sri Jayawardenepura
Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna at his university
Tharanga Sampath Senavirathna at his university