Help Buying an HD TV for Horizon Lanka

Help Buying an HD TV for Horizon Lanka

Softlogic HD TVTechnology has revolutionized the way knowledge is accessed and shared in and outside of schools. Think of the last time you missed information to overcome a situation. Chances are you performed a quick search in your web browser and within a few minutes you were able to overcome your initial obstacle. An image is worth a thousand words and Horizon Lanka is constantly making an effort to engage students’ visualization abilities to deliver knowledge as clearly and quickly as possible.

But as you know, our resources are limited and technology is pricy. We have recently fixed some of our unusable computer equipment so children don’t have to cram around one or two computer screens during class.

There are countless digital supports online we can use to improve the efficiency of our classes, and to broadcast them to the kids, we need a screen we can install on the wall in our classroom. With your financial support for one single Softlogic HD TV, children will benefit from viewing content from around the world in complement of their English and ICT education here at Horizon Lanka. The screen will be used to:

  • Screen movies to improve students’ English listening comprehension
  • Let students access the many EFL resources hosted on the web to increase their level of engagement in each class
  • Project on-screen demonstrations of the IT skills taught
  • Display music videos for children to learn their favorite choreographies
  • Display lyrics of the Sinhala and English songs the children learn for their seasonal show
  • Broadcast news from around the world to open the students’ minds to foreign cultures and global issues

Please help us buying on of these models of television. They have a shop in the village and we can order it directly. You can donate through our safe payment gateway at our crowdfunding campaign at Those who want to help us with a bank transfer, please drop us an email to