Help Save These Twins Subhashani and Harshani from Thalassemia

Help Save These Twins Subhashani and Harshani from Thalassemia

subhashani-and-harshani0Subhashani and Harshani are 14 years old girls. They are twins living with their mother and father in their house in the small village of Mahawilachchiya. At the first sight you wouldn’t recognize that there is something wrong with them. They are so cute and cheerful! They like to play with their mom’s saris, they like to dance and listen to music and they would also like to do some sports, but they can’t. They get tired quickly and they can’t spend much time on the sun. Why not? Unfortunately they were born with a disease called thalassemia.

It is an autosomal recessive blood disorder characterized by abnormal formation of hemoglobin. It is a genetic disorder and the twins were diagnosed with it at the age of six months. The symptoms can be the high risk of infection, iron overload, bone deformities, slowed growth rates, heart problems and also an early death.

Subhashani and Harshani love to go to school every day. The mornings are not easy for them because they have to apply injection with one dose of Demoferidon to their stomach. Despite of their disease they are keen students. They could be much better but they are often tired, so it’s not easy for them to study. Nevertheless the twins and the parents hope for a better future and the twins have some big dreams and ambitions! Subhashani wants to be a teacher and Harshani wants to be a doctor. But will they have a chance to follow their dreams and to fulfill their ambitions? Yes, if we act fast!

Once a month they have to undertake a blood filtration. So at the end of every month the girls are lethargic and pale, so the family goes to the hospital. But if there is not the right type of blood for them, they have to wait. Sometimes one day, sometimes even two weeks. The medicine cost is covered by the government, but the other expenditures cost the family 10 000 LKR (68.5 USD) every month.

The problem is that nobody knows how long they can live. Maybe one year, maybe ten years… Fortunately, there is a solution! They need 4.2 million LKR (28 787 USD) for each girl, so that is 8.4 million LKR (54,832 USD) for both. They can get 400 000 LKR from the Sri Lankan president’s fund. But the rest they have to pay by themselves. The cost is so high that they cannot afford that. So that is why we need your help. Help us save lives of these two cute twins and help them to achieve their dreams and have a good life they deserve! The girls are 14 years old now and the doctors say that the operation has to be done under the age of 16, otherwise there is not a certainty that it will help.

Of course this kind of operation is quite risky but the doctors recommend it and there are so many cases in which the operation helped. So the parents and the twins are ready to fight this terrible disease. And so are we! Help us to raise money for that operation.

Please contact if you want their bank details.

Bara Molnarova, former volunteer at Horizon Lanka