Horizon Lanka’s trip to the Wilpattu

Horizon Lanka’s trip to the Wilpattu

Yesterday, the 11th December 2016, some of the Horizon Lanka students took a day trip to the jungle in honour of our volunteer Sarah Teichman leaving us. Sarah is a student from Boston, USA, who spent three weeks volunteering with us here in Mahawilachchiya while she researched the use of technology in a rural environment. We were sad to see her go but wish her all the best in her future travels and studies. At Horizon Lanka we really value our volunteers and treat them as a member of our community while they are here, which benefits both the locals who are willing to learn English and the volunteers who seek unique traveling experiences and an exchange of culture.

In preparation for our jungle adventure, we stocked up on necessary supplies required for tea and rotti making, piled onto the Landmaster’s (essentially a very small tractor) trailer and set off.  Once we reached our destination- a river bank on the edge of Wilpathtu- we collected firewood so that we could cook. Some of the women opted to stay by the river and prepare lunch while the rest of us went for a walk through the jungle. Apart from a tortoise, no wildlife was spotted but we DID collect some very tasty berries.

Worn out and hungry, we returned to our base to enjoy a lunch of tea, rottis and dhaal prepared by the mothers and grandmothers of some of the students. After lunch the children played in the river and climbed trees until it was time to go home.

Another wonderful day in the beautiful natural landscape of Sri Lanka.

Jeeventha, Asheen and Surendra on the back of the trailer
Walking through the jungle
Ladies cooking lunch
Jeevantha crossing the river
Volunteers Ange and Sarah playing with the students





Mahawilachchiya – Kondachchiya road being repaired

Mahawilachchiya - Kondachchiya road
Mahawilachchiya – Kondachchiya road (From Google Earth)

The road from Mahawilachchiya to Silawathura in Kondachchi road was in a dilapidated state throughout the civil war in the country. But the road usage increased remarkably after the dawn of the peace. Now more people use this road. Especially, the Civil Security Force use this road as they daily travel to the government cashew farms in Kondachchi. The villagers requested the provincial government to repair the road. Under a directive of Mr. S. M. Ranjith, the Chief Minister of the North Central Province, the road repaired started yesterday. The villagers also helped repair the road. Since the road runs through Wilpattu National Park, the road cannot be carpeted and has to be maintained only as a gravel road.