Help us send more children to universities in 2017!

Only with your help can we continue bringing quality education to the children of rural Sri Lanka, and offer them the chance of choosing their own future.

Lucie Barbier – France

75. Lucie Barbier – France

Lucie Barbier from France volunteered at Horizon Lanka Foundation in May, June, 2017. I’ve been volunteering for 3 weeks in …
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Tomas Nebaznivy

74. Tomáš Nebáznivý – The Czech Republic

Tomas Nebaznivy from the Czech Republic volunteered at Horizon Academy, Tantirimale for 27 days from 2017-05-24 to 2017-06-20 …
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Buddhika Gajapala

Gifts from Chicago, USA for Horizon Lanka students and the villagers

Mr. Buddika Gajapala and his family visited Horizon Lanka on June 11, 2017. They are a Sri Lankan American family …
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Alex Gray

73. Alex Gray – Australia

Alex Gray from Australia taught English, ICT and sports at Horizon Lanka Foundation as a volunteer in May, 2017. I …
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Aleksandar Isailovic

72. Aleksandar Isailovic – Serbia

Aleksandar Isailovic from Serbia volunteered at Horizon Lanka in May, 2017 as an English  and ICT teacher …
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Mr. Prabhath Mannapperuma and Mr. Avishka Laknath

A Second Micro:bit Device for Horizon Lanka from Microbit Sri Lanka User Group

We received another micro:bit  unit for coding and programming from Microbit Sri Lanka User Group (MicrobitSLUG) . They donated us a micro:bit device …
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