Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka – The Chairman of Horizon Lanka Foundation

Nanda, a young English teacher from Mahawilachchiya, initiated the Horizon Lanka concept in 1997. It began as a handwritten journal at Saliyamala Public School in Mahawilachchiya with a set of students.

Later, due to the constant resistance from the conservative staff of the public school and despite his students achieving high standards of English in local and provincial level competitions, Nanda resigned from his job as a government schoolteacher.

Due to the parents’ pleas to continue education for their children, he started a new “school”- a totally independent one – under a huge mango tree in his garden for these interested students. From then onward, Nanda was able to bring “Horizon School” from meager beginnings to an institute of renowned excellence by fighting against all odds.

Now Nanda’s expertise is sought after by both governmental and non-governmental organizations, and in the private sector locally and internationally. He has been hired by the Ministry of Education on the premise to replicate the Horizon Lanka model of educational programs in 50 schools in rural villages in all 9 provinces in Sri Lanka. He is also helping some independent village-level programs voluntarily.

How to reach Nanda?

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