Mr. Nirrosion S. Perera is the Volunteer Manager and Peace Education Consultant at Horizon Lanka Foundation (HLF) since 2014.

Among his responsibilities were Developing of Yearly Volunteer Requirement, Program Planning , Visa Support and Arranging Community Host, Field level supervision and Coordination with Government Schools.

After his successful integration into the Horizon Academies, peace education was added as one of its main components in the education process. Also, the foundation was able to open new Horizon Academy branches in the provinces Northern (Maniyanthoddam in Jaffna), Eastern (Panama in Ampara and Mutur in Trincomalee) and Central (Kirimetiya in Nuwara Eliya) which represent the children and youth of all the main three ethnic groups in Sri Lanka. Nirrosion has extensive knowledge and experience of community cohesion, peacebuilding and reconciliation. His way of discovering a local method and re-inventing traditional ways of conflict resolution and peace education is recognized by many local & international organizations and individuals. Currently, he is at the School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence, Italy participating in a policy leader fellowship where he is gaining experience with an international network of practitioners and policy leaders. Nirrosion is Horizon Lanka’s representative in Europe. See more about him at