two girls having fun at the body painting project
  1. Horizon Academy
  2. Horizon Virtual Academy
  3. Horizon BPO
  4. Horizon Entertainment
  5. Horizon Sports

Horizon Academy

Education in all our academies is totally free for the students at the moment. We prefer to have it that way as we don’t need to burden them with financial troubles. This is why we try to find funds through other means to sustain these academies since we highly value free access to education.

Horizon Virtual Academy

We are planning an online platform where local and foreign volunteer teachers can teach English, Tamil, Sinhala and other international languages. Moreover, ICT, Fine Arts, Sports, Science, Mathematics, Geography, History, etc. will be teached online. Live and recorded lessons will be stored on a server. We have around 100 online volunteers registered for this and need your support to get more. Also, we need a team of IT undergraduates who can help us create the online platform. In the wake of Corona pandemic, kids will have easy access to these lessons at an affordable or, if there is someone to fund, at no cost.

Horizon BPO

Horizon BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. We started this as Jaffna as our headquarters and around 15 youths work for a project introduced to us through a local company. Numbers will go up to 30 by next month. We need to keep Jaffna as the main center of this project as there are a lot of youths without job opportunities there.

Horizon Entertainment 

Horizon Entertainment is a project to help improve artistic talents of the students and the youths. These talents include drawing, painting, singing, music, dancing, theater, etc.

 Horizon Sports 

Horizon Sports is a project to help improve sporting talents. We support several sports such as cricket, volleyball, baseball, soccer, rugby, American football, martial arts, etc.