Since the arrival of our first overseas volunteer, Miss Marissa Charles (United Kingdom) in 2004, we have hosted over 100 foreign volunteers. Last year, we received 21 volunteers, our highest ever number. Here are some of the testimonials from the foreign volunteers who have graced Horizon Lanka. We regularly post new testimonials, so keep checking back for more!


Zachary Grenzowski

30. Zachary Grenzowski – Canada

Zachary Grenzowski from Canada arrived at Horizon Lanka on January 07, 2016 with the dawn ...
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29. Nayab Rehman – Pakistan

Miss Nayab Rehman from Pakistan volunteered at Horizon Lanka in August, 2015. She was the ...
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Klára Gebhartová

28. Klára Gebhartová – The Czech Republic

Miss Klára Gebhartová from the Czech Republic volunteered at Horizon Lanka from July 18 to ...
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27. Yan Hao – China

Horizon Lanka Foundation has been maintaining a healthy relationship with AIESEC Sri Lanka Chapter for ...
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Razee Khan from Pakistan

25. Razee Khan – Pakistan

Razee Khan from Pakistan worked at Horizon Lanka from November 30, 2010 to January 14, ...
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26. Anime Fu Jia – China

Miss Anime Fu Jia volunteered at Horizon Lanka from December 2010 to February, 2011. She was one ...
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Yoshihiro Uemura

24. Yoshihiro Uemura – Japan

Yoshihiro Uemura from Japan arrived in Mahawilachchiya on September 05, 2010 to volunteer at Horizon ...
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23. Jamelia Harris – Trinidad and Tobago

Miss Jamelia Harris, an AIESEC intern from Trinidad and Tobago worked at Horizon Lanka, Mahawilachchiya ...
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22. Helen Elizabeth Coupe – The United Kingdom

Miss Helen Elizabeth Coupe, an AIESEC intern from the United Kingdom worked at Horizon Lanka, ...
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21. Jack Anthony Warren – The United Kingdom

Mr. Jack Anthony Warren (in the blue T shirt) an AIESEC intern from the United ...
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