Current Opportunities for Volunteers

A French Volunteer in a Sri Lankan sari

Horizon Lanka is currently seeking volunteers to teach the students in the fields of:

  1. English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Language education
  2. Science, Mathematics, History, Geography and Media
  3. ICT, Robotics, IoT
  4. Fine Arts (Dancing, Singing, Music, Painting, and Sculpture)
  5. Sports (Soccer (football,) Cricket, Volleyball, Rugby, American Football, Australian Football, Baseball, Basketball, Handball, and Martial Arts)
  6. Marketing, Digital Marketing
  7. Fundraising
  8. Graphic Designing
  9. Web Designing
  10. Animation
  11. Audio Editing
  12. Video Editing
  13. Photography
  14. Videography
  15. Moviemaking

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Testimonials – Read what our volunteers to date are saying.

A Brazillian volunteer, Juliana with the host family (Tharani and her mother Vijitha)