Current Volunteering Opportunities

Horizon Lanka is currently seeking volunteers in the fields of:

  1. English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Arabic
  2. ICT, Robotics, IoT
  3. Science and/or Mathematics
  4. Fine Arts (dancing, music, painting, etc.)
  5. Sports (American football, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Hand Ball, Cricket, Volleyball and Martial Arts)
  6. Marketing and fundraising
  7. Graphic and/or Web Designing
  8. Video and/or Audio Editing
  9. Photography and/or Videography
  10. Moviemaking

Volunteers will mostly teach English at one of Mahawilachchiya’s public schools in the mornings and lead different educational and leisure activities at the Horizon Lanka Foundation in the afternoons.

Food and accommodation are provided for a minimal fee to our volunteers. (25 USD or equivalent in LKR per week) This should be given to your hat family at the start of each week. You will be hosted by a Sri Lankan family (a Horizon Lanka student’s family) and will delight from living by local customs. You will also be given a regular bicycle for your traveling inside the village. You will be given purified water.

Students’ English and ICT knowledge has improved remarkably due to the volunteers’ help over the past few years and we encourage more volunteers to help the students and the youth in the village.

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Read what our volunteers to date are saying.

Juliana with the host family (Tharani and her mother Vijitha)